Is there a deadline to register my car?2017-08-07T12:48:17-04:00

Yes, the deadline for show car registration is July 1st every year.  Registrations need to be received prior to this date, with payment, in order to be accepted.

What are the closest hotels to the Fescht?2017-08-07T12:19:11-04:00

The best area to look into hotels near our event is in Fogelsville. This is right at a major highway intersection of I-78 and Rt 100, just a few short miles North of Macungie. There are many hotels at this intersection.

Can I sell my car at the Fescht?2017-08-07T13:51:40-04:00

While show cars in our display fields cannot be “for sale”, at the Fescht each year we have a special section of the park, called our Car Corral, which features cars for sale. This area is in a separate field just beyond our flea market vendors. Some years, when there is an overabundance of cars in the Corral, we overflow the sale cars to a section of the park near the volleyball courts. Unfortunately there is no list of these cars available as there also is no pre-registration…they simply show up during our event. Cars must arrive and leave under their own power, and there does tend to be quite a variety of old and new.  For more information on the Car Corral, click HERE.

Is camping or camper space available nearby?2017-08-07T12:05:36-04:00

There is camper/camping space available at the local VFW, which is across Lehigh Street on the north side of the park (within easy walking distance to the Fescht).  To check for availability, their phone number is 610-966-4949.

Where is parking available and is it free?2017-08-07T11:59:28-04:00

There are a number of field and lots in the blocks surrounding the park that offer parking, such as down Walnut Street (along the south side of the park). Many of these are residents and businesses who charge a couple of bucks. Some are non-profits, such as the local scout groups, who use it as a fundraiser. The Fescht no longer has access to the fields at the corner of Brookside and Buckeye Rds, but it’s not to say that you can’t find free parking elsewhere in town.

Are pets allowed at the Fescht?2017-08-07T11:53:09-04:00

No. We ask that spectators and car owners do not bring pets in the park during our car show weekend. While it is a difficult thing to police all weekend long, and while we know that many pets, including small dogs, are not a nuisance or a threat, it’s not something for which we can easily make exceptions. Some of the show car owners don’t care to have dogs or other pets around their vehicles, and additionally, the large crowds of people walking the rows and rows of cars can sometimes not mix well with animals.

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